GavindaVinci @ New Earth

New Earth Campfire Sessions presents; Gavindavinci

…a producer/rapper from Tipperary. Starting in 2018 he quickly built up a reputation in Limerick for crazy shows with intense 808 filled beats and what has been described as a ‘menacing tone of voice’. Releasing an album in 2019 titled ‘superscumbagmode’ ushered in a new era of South West dominance in the Irish rap scene along with Council House Freestyle which dropped to national acclaim in November 2020. He then link up with Soft Boy Records to bring Superman in 2021.
After some very public controversy and a death in his immediate family DaVinci is very much ready to take on the music scene again with an album in the works that features more heavy hitters from the Irish rap scene.

New Earth tickets here 🌟👉🏽

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