We are building New Earth

New Earth has just begun building, on a 30+ acres farm in the sacred heartland of Éireann. Building has commenced, & renovations are continuing on the large site, where there is a massive ten room house that we have occupied. The Tribe, Jah warriors, the 144, are invited to get involved, & build New Earth. We must grow food, on a mass scale, like our lives depends on it, because it does!
To fundraise for the New Earth project to grow & develop, we are hosting New Earth Tribal Gathering, on the land, to celebrate in community, le craic agas ceóil, 26-28 August’22 & all are welcome, let’s celebrate our new beginnings, graciously gifted by God.
Volunteers & donations are welcome, to grow New Earth, and create a Cultural eco centre, & bio diversity, creative hub, with a forest school for the children. We need your help to make this project work & grow successfully, to pay the rent, and fix up the house onsite, as many repairs are needed, like fixing broken windows, & doors, & mending the roof etc. We are on a extremely large site with endless possibilities. We are welcome to stay here by the landlord, to develop & build New Earth. Does this sound good to you? Then Get involved ❤️👉🏽 newearth.ie
Email; info@newearth.ie
Grá mór agas míle maith agat
New Earth is an independent Conscious,Creative Arts Collective, no state funding is applied for.
New Earth is a grassroots project, created by independent Artists, Musicians, Holistic Practitioners, & skilled creative community.
Get involved in many ways,
Contact us,
Donations are welcome,
to build New Earth,
With Gratitude 🙏🏽❤️
Thanks to all the community contacting New Earth, we are inundated with messages, & will reply to everyone. Thank you to all who have donated so far. Please contact New Earth directly to donate; info@newearth.ie
Apply to get involved by filling out the contact form 👉🏽

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